"When he cried, he cried alone."

I have a simple goal here...  I need you to share this with as many folks as you know who will take heed.  Many of you know my love for music.  I do my best to share and spread that love to all that will listen.  This is that love and so much more.  Many of you know the struggles that Mr. Gord Downie is currently facing (emotionally documented here) and despite this being a time when no one would blink if Gord turned inside for himself - he has chosen to continue to shine the light on a topic that is... well, mortifying, despicable and has been flat out ignored by North Americans for over a century - Aboriginal and Native American residential schools treatment of their "students" and their families (Canadian Wikipedia / US Wikipedia) and the systematic approach and sponsorship by our churches and governments.  Unfortunately, we were not Ahead By a Century, instead, we stole over a century of some of our most sacred culture(s).

Please go to Secret Path   and order the record, the book, and the digital.  Or simply donate to The Gord Downie + Chanie Wenjack Fund (DWF).  Money raised for the DWF will be used to create new relationships for reconciliation.

In the end, Gord Downie with Kevin Drew & Dave Hamelin (accompanied by Jeff Lemire's gorgeous illustrations) made a beautifully haunting album that I am convinced Chanie would enjoy.